About Us

Hello, my name is Dillon Ziebolz, and in 2016, I had a vision. A dream that couldn't be contained. So I decided to bring fantasy into reality, what you see in front of you is a small piece, because this is a legacy.

I created UNEEK APPAREL to be different and to defy conventional anything. We are the underdog, we pave our own roads, we walk with love, and are not cowed by larger corporations. Here at UNEEK APPAREL, we don't care about profit, we are making a statement by bringing back the most important part of the shopping experience and that is you. We're called U-NEEK APPAREL for a reason.

Our focus is creating something beautiful out of nothing, and if your seeking that kind of product, we would be happy to provide that for you. 

The owner's purpose in life is to make a difference in a positive way. And that life energy is reflected here. Want to be part of something different and beautiful? Something more? You've come to the right place.


UNEEK APPAREL is a loving, patriotic company that is full of art, gag items, and specific products that may seem inappropriate or offensive. We remain independent from all opinions and beliefs, be it political or otherwise. And so long as it does not go against America. All merchandise falls under the First Amendment (free speech), and will not by any means exhibit hate speech as classified by State and Federal Laws. 

Now, some people -karen's included- will always be offended. We can't please everybody, but we will treat you with love because that's the American Way.

Why do we do what we do?

Because we go shopping, we roll our eyes. Corporations/Stores nowadays are soo right-brained that they miss the beauty, the epic.

We are sick of walking into stores that say they focus on your experience, but you never truly remember that experience now, do you? Why does every store have to be the same? Could a  store like Walmart say that every store is Unique?

I think not.

Product locations may change, but what about all that white canvas around them? Who is going to paint that?

Don't worry, We'll wait.

Until then, Check out our store!

Be you. Be Uneek

Uneek Apparel.com